Edgen Group serves companies that operate in upstream, midstream and downstream end-markets for oil and natural gas, civil construction and mining operations.


Edgen Group companies have been involved in North American onshore drilling programs since the 1930s and oil exploration and production programs worldwide since the 1970s. Today we support customers involved in all types of offshore, traditional and unconventional drilling applications.

Offshore: Core products supplied to offshore customers include seamless and welded pipe of various grades and sizes, quenched and tempered steel, high yield heavy plate, complex valve packages and a wide range of fittings and components.

Onshore: Onshore products include a complete range of specialty oil country tubular goods, or OCTG, piping materials for hydraulic fracturing, horizontal drilling, oil and gas wells, wellheads and completions.


From wellhead to distribution, planning through execution, Edgen Group delivers a complete pipeline project package. We supply a full range of steel products for gathering lines, product pipelines, oil and natural gas transmission, compression and storage. Our products include heavy wall, large diameter seamless and welded pipe, along with accompanying high-yield fittings and components, and a broad range of premium valves and valve actuators.

Downstream and Power

In the extreme pressure, temperature and corrosive conditions found in refining, petrochemical and power generation applications, Edgen Group supplies specialty pipe, valves and fittings across many premium grades, including carbon, chrome, nickel, stainless, low temperature and duplex materials. We also cross-sell certain materials used in a refining environment to upstream customers for offshore production platforms and vessels.


Edgen Group is accredited as a Material Organization by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and holds a Quality System Certificate to supply the nuclear industry. The scope of products includes most sizes and grades of ferrous and nonferrous pipe, fittings, flanges, plates, shapes, bars and valves under strict quality assurance requirements. In addition to supplying nuclear-grade materials, we cross-sell non-safety related products to customers within the nuclear construction environment.

Civil Contruction and Mining

Edgen Group provides certified, mill-tested large diameter heavy wall pipe, sheet and structural steel with full traceability that meets a wide range of material specifications for heavy civil construction such as large scale installations for marine piling and construction, levee systems, major civil building structures, deep foundations and water works. Mining applications require materials that can withstand extreme wear from abrasive and corrosive conditions. We supply abrasion-resistant, induction- hardened, high yield, duplex, nickel alloy and Hastelloy pipe and accompanying components for mining and processing, as well as other difficult applications. Service offerings often include coordination of high-performance coatings and linings, fabricated ends, wear bands, couplings and weld rings.